Current Projects

Chrome Exploration

Bevex have recently obtained the rights to develop 44000 ha of prime ground over the Great Dyke in the Lalapanzi area via three large EPO’s.


Zimbabwe Plant

Bevex commisioned their 25 tph Pilot Plant in Zimbabwe as part of a semi-commercial project in determining gold deportment and grades of alluvial, surface oxides, and colluvial rubble beds. Data and information from this project has been collected and final design work in the planned 75 tph plant has commenced.


Bevex Mining Services' was commisioned to build a 60 000tpm CIL gold plant in Ivory Coast - (2 million oz). The project is based on the plant being designed, built and commissioned at cost with Bevex having a 3 year management contract to operate the project . Bevex is currently negotiating contracts to design, build and manage 5 similar projects over the next 3 years - all based on Bevex's revolutionary new plant design.


Uganda Plant

Bevex is currently building a 20 tph Pilot Plant and will soon begin a bulk-sampling program. This to be followed up with a larger Commercial plant using innovative technologies for ultra-fine gold recoveries

The initial focus is to be channelled 100% into the highly lucrative alluvials which are cheaply and easily recovered with significant profit margins for the shareholders. Once the cash generative properties of the alluvials are ascertained a portion of operating cashflow will be diverted into developing the hard rock potential.

Prospecting / Artisnal Plants

Bevex has developed mini-plants to be used for general prospecting work or to be operated by local artisinals in alluvial gold mining. These small mobile plants are robust, highly efficient and require limited operator training.